Terms of Use

§ 1

(1) The following business conditions apply to the use of this website proportionally between the user and the provider of the site (in the following: Global-Tex UG).

(2) The complete use of the web page offered by Global-Tex UG is only permitted and possible when the user accepts these business conditions.

(3) The registration on the web page is free of charge. The user has the possibility to use the offered web page without registration, in this case the user gets no access to further details and no details as photos of the offered machines, and the user gets no contact data to the respective suppliers as well.

(4) Prerequisite for the complete use of the web page is a previous registration and payment of the offered subscription.

§ 2
Services of the Provider

(1) With the successful registration and payment via PayPal the user will be able to access all necessary data for the contact to the machine supplier.

(2) Global-Tex UG offers the user the following subscriptions options with costs for the use:

  • Subscription 1: €  7,00 - right of use 24 hours
  • Subscription 2: €   50,00 - right of use 30 days
  • Subscription 3: € 180,00 - right of use 180 days
  • Subscription 4: € 290,00 - right of use 365 days

All indicated prices are inclusive of the value added tax ( VAT ) being valid at present in Germany, to the UStG ( Value Added Tax Act ) . On the date of invoicing the current Value Added Tax (VAT ) is expelled separately. 

(3) Global-Tex UG allows the user the access to the web page, in the context of these business conditions, during the running time selected by the user.

(4) The user has the possibility of entering into negotiations and concluding purchase deals with the machines suppliers without a further contractual cooperation of Global-Tex UG.

(5) Global-Tex UG sees itself as a service provider and therefore doesn't guarantee any successful contact arrangement. Global-Tex UG is not responsible, if no contact takes place with the suppliers or sellers for the duration of the fee-based subscription.

(6) Global-Tex UG claims no interest from the purchases resulting from these contacts between user and supplier or seller.

§ 3
Registration and Payments

(1) Prerequisite for the complete use of the web page is a previous registration under detail of the name, address, electronic mail address, telephone no., and payment of the offered subscription.

(2) By the registration and with that payment of the select subscription a contract takes place between Global-Tex UG and the user, within this contract Global-Tex UG makes it possible that the user has access to the contact data of the sellers/suppliers.

(3) In principle, the payment of the selected subscription is carried out via PayPal. Another method of payment is not possible.

(4) After a successful confirmation of the payment the user immediately receives an entrance confirmation and a customer number via email. and is allowed to login with his entrance data ( e-mail and password ).

(5) The access to the offered data is dependent on the chosen utilization time and will switch itself off automatically with the end of the subscription.

(6) The user has the possibility of renewing his subscription at the end of the running time with costs. All subscription options, offered by Global-Tex UG, are available again.

(7) All published current prices are end prices in EURO, including the legal value-added tax    ( VAT ) of Germany

Duties of the user

(1) The user must not leave his entrance data to third parties for the use. The user is obliged to keep his entrance data secret and to protect it from the access of third parties.

(2) The user obliges himself to use the provided contact data exclusively to get in contact with the respective supplier or seller. A passing on of the data to third parties is forbidden.

(3) The user makes a commitment to Global-Tex UG not to publish any contents of this web page.  The user is obliged, to pay compensation to Global-Tex UG, resulted from this breach of duty.

(4) For the user it is not allowed to publish, deposit, put or connect contributions, links to other web pages, photo, advertising, other reprimands or similar onto the web page of Global-Tex UG.

(5) At a violation of the obligation from § 4(1) Global-Tex UG is authorized to delete the corresponding contributions and to close the entrance of the user. The user is obliged to replace Global-Tex UG the arisen damage, resulted from the breach of duty.

(6) Global-Tex UG has the right to delete all contributions and contents, which had been taken in breach of contract agreement to the web page of Global-Tex UG,  and to assert the damage by civil or criminally consequences against the user.

(7) Global-Tex UG has a right to be indemnified by the user against the claims of this third party, for violation of their rights by the user. The user obliges himself to support           Global-Tex UG at the defense of such Third-Party claims.In addition, the user is obliged to take over the adequate costs of the legal defense of the provider.

(8) Furthermore the user obliges himself to use the offered services of  Global-Tex UG not abusive, in particular

  • not bringing in any data into the system which contain a computer virus (infected software) or software or other material 
  • influencing or manipulating the availability of the offers negatively for other users of Global-Tex UG 
  • not intercepting any e-mails of other users 
  • not sending any series-/ chain letters 
  • not to spread defamatory, offensive or in another way illegal material or information. Particularly concerns this pornographic, racialist, people inciting or comparable obscene  contents 
  • to annoy or to threaten other users, or violate the rights (inclusively personal rights) of third parties 

(9) The breach of these business conditions and responsibilities leads to the cancellation of the completed contract relationship without notice and to the inhibition of the user account and can have civilian and also criminal consequences for the user.

§ 5
Disclaimer of Liability

(1) Claims for compensation of the user are excluded unless otherwise specified. The prominent exclusion of liability is valid also in favour of the legal representatives and debtor's agents of Global-Tex UG provided that the user asserts claims against these.

(2) Such are essential contractual duties whose fulfilment is necessary for the attainment of the aim of the contract.

(3) Global-Tex UG is not liable for damages which arise from the subsequent business of the user, since Global-Tex UG doesn't have any contractual obligation at it.

(4) Global-Tex UG strives to ensure proper operation of the service all the time. A liability for technically conditional assignment delays or failures is excluded. There isn't particularly a claim of the user to a permanent availability of the service. Global-Tex UG doesn't take on any obligations going beyond it.

Change or attitude of the supply 

(1) Global-Tex UG has the right to move contents within the own web page and to combine it with other contents contributions.

(2) Global-Tex UG particularly reserves for itself to change parts of the website or the complete offer without a separate announcement, to complete, to delete or to stop the publication at times or definitely.

(3)  In the case of the complete closing of the web page the liability of Global-Tex UG confines itself to the refund of the subscription charges not used up.

(4)  Global-Tex UG is authorized to carry out changes at his service.

(5) Global-Tex UG reserves the right to change the business conditions on hand any time. The respectively terms and conditions apply on closure of contract.

Completion of the use 

(1) The contract, between Global-Tex UG and the user, starts with the fee-based registration and ends with the time of the expiry of the chosen subscription, without requiring a separate cancellation.

(2) Global-Tex UG has the right to terminate the contractual relationship for cause immediately, to close the entrance of the user and to discontinue the use, without notice.

(3) Global-Tex UG is authorized to close the entrance of the user after completion of the subscription. Global-Tex UG is authorized to an early assignment of the closed contract in case of violation of the contract rules from the user. Global-Tex UG is authorized but not obliged to delete the contents, made by the user in breach of contract agreement. The User has no right at any time to demand surrender of the posted contents in violation of the contract. 

§ 8
Data use and protection of data privacy 

(1) We have taken in to consideration the legal regulations for data protection. The user agrees to the following regulations by the registration at Global-Tex UG for the use of his personal information.  Considering these legal regulations the recording and use of data is carried out as follows : 
a) Global-Tex UG is authorized to pass the imposed data of the user on to the respective collection service provider, here PayPal, as far as this is required for the invoice of the fee-based service.

b) The personal data saved at the registration are not passed on third parties or used for the preparation of spam e-mail lists by Global-Tex UG but only used for the administration of the subscription concluded by contract. The § 9 (1a), is excepted of this determination. 

c) Global-Tex UG uses Google Analytics ( Google Analytics )  for the data acquisition and gathers and analyzes personal information of the user in a different way in different places of the web page of one's own as well as in the field of further services which are done by partners of Global-Tex UG to make a functioning possible for the service and be able to offer the user a better service. This information arises from information from the user as well as from a use of the offered services. The user agrees, that his personal data are saved in electronic form.

(2) Provided that a user accesses the services of Global-Tex UG, his data are saved as anonymous with the help of a cookie. These cookies don't include any person-related data of the interested party but save information about the contents and exclusively serve the retention of the functions of the web page.

(3) Global-Tex UG isn't liable for the unauthorized attainment of personal user data by third parties (e. g. by an unauthorized access of third parties).

(4) Global-Tex UG isn't obliged to check contents, details, text contents, image files or similar contents of the user, who had adjusted these in breach of contract agreement,     Global-Tex UG reserves the right to the examination as well as the deletion of the contents, the account or access authorisation. The user confirms that contents, particularly image files, texts etc, are free of liberal rights of third parties, and exempts Global-Tex UG from possible damage compensation entitlements of third parties.

(5) Global-Tex UG isn't liable for direct or indirect references to strange web pages ("hyperlinks") which are outside the responsibility area of Global-Tex UG. Should get Global-Tex UG knowledge that there is a reference to another web page, Global-Tex UG will do everything reasonable to remove the corresponding reprimand.

(6) Global-Tex UG precautionary distances itself from the contents and design of interlinked web pages. This applies to every contribution, links and reprimands put in in breach of contract agreement within the offered services of Global-Tex UG as well as entries, mailing lists, and others  from outside                                   

(7) Global-Tex UG is authorized to save IP-addresses of users of his internet services to avoid the abuse and to prevent the deceit.

§ 9

Global-Tex UG endeavours to keep copyright rights of third parties in all her services.    Global-Tex UG also therefore claims all copyrights for any self-made contents of her internet pages. A copy or use of contents of any manner is only allowed with a written consent of Global-Tex UG

§ 10
Cancellation Instructions

(1) Your right of revocation begins earliest upon receipt of this notification and not before you as the user has met this information duties and other duties as defined by German Civil Code Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Abs. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as your duties according to § 312g  Abs.(1 ) S. 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB of the Introductory Law.In case of contracts in electronic commerce (Section 312g (1) S. 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB) ), this period shall not commence prior to our performance of our duties pursuant to Section 312 g (1) S. 1 BGB of the German Civil Code in conjunction with Article 246 §3  EGBGB of the Introductory Law

(2) Global-Tex UG must point out, that there is no legal right of revocation for distance contracts for delivery of services that are not suitable due to their condition for a return           ( § 312 d (3) and (4) No.1 BGB  )

(3)  Your right of revocation expires early, if Global-Tex UG has started its services before the end of the revocation term with your explicit agreement and when you have arranged this by yourself. 

General Jurisdiction 

(1) German will be applied to the contractual relations between Global-Tex UG and the user.

(2) Place of jurisdiction is Krefeld.

Salvatoric clause

If one of the prominent regulations should be or get ineffective, then this doesn't touch the legal effectiveness of the other regulations. The eventually ineffective determination shall be replaced by an effective determination which corresponds to the party will.

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